ImagoArte Srl was born from the passion for the image and from the awareness of its value as a vehicle of expression and historical and social memory. ImagoArte consist of Araldo De Luca, Art Photographer, and Alessandra Morelli, Art Restorer.

The company was founded in November 2005 and it was created around the photographic corpus of Araldo De Luca, president of the company and art photographer. De Luca over the years has developed a portfolio of more than 60,000 photos of art heritage. This corpus its the result of a constant work and many photographic campaigns in archaeological sites all around the world. The need of preservation, organization, and management of his images has led Araldo De Luca, in 1995, to the creation of a Digital Photo Archive, available online This Archive is characterized by a system for managing images / data that allows to acquire, preserve, classify and archive pictures concerning the historical and artistic heritage that De Luca has taken. This know-how, that match together technical knowledge and artistic sensibility, is completed by the study of colorimetry, which is considered essential in the management of images.

An important aspect of the printing techniques is also the ability to archive images in a specific digital format. This allows the images to maintain “neutral” colorimetric parameters that you can adjust from time to time, depending on the type of printing you need. The expertise gained in this area earned him the role of consultant in the creation of the Photographic Department of the Center for Conservation and Restoration of Venaria Reale in Turin.

Alessandra Morelli is the art restorer and the administrator of ImagoArte. In 1985 she was graduated at the Central Institute of Restoration in Rome where she studied preservation and restoration of archeological material and ancient furnishings. She has especially specialized in organic material, glass, ceramics, metals and stone material. Finally, she has acquired a considerable expertise in the preservation of photographic images.

This choice represents the completion of a course of study and experience in the conservation of cultural heritage gained over twenty-eight years of professional activity. Furthermore it join her skills on organic support with the ones on the inorganic support. In 1982 in Rome she founded the Consortium Re.Co. associates restorers and faced many projects concerning the restoration of monuments and sculptures and archaeological collections belonging mainly to public entities and museums of international renown.

Since 2002 Alessandra Morelli has started to work as responsible for the preservation of the images belonging to Araldo De Luca Archive and at the same time she has deepened her knowledge in the field of photography restoration through seminars and workshops and through the observation of photographic material.

In 2005 she became President of the company Compagnia Italiana di Conservazione.

For Araldo De Luca and Alessandra Morelli the sharing of the passion for the images and the ongoing dialogue on preservation and conservation issues is combined with a big experience in the ideation and achievement of wide projects. Nowadays the major activities of ImagoArte are linked to two important photography funds in Rome.